The Source 1 Pipe Doctor is a high performance no dig pipe repair solution that provides a quick and easy to use method of repairing damaged drainage and sewerage pipe systems ranging between a bore diameter of 70 – 560mm. The Pipe Doctor is installed internally and eradicates the need for costly, disruptive and time consuming excavation work therefore enabling both vehicle and pedestrian traffic to move freely without realising drainage and sewer work is being carried out underground. The globally recognised resin is supplied in a double sealed bag and represents a unique concept in the marketplace as it replaces separate ingredient bottles, measuring containers or mixing buckets traditionally used in no dig pipe repair. This will ultimately reduce the amount of waste on site.

Excellent migration properties exist between the fibreglass mat allowing total saturation which provides the strength and flexibility to permanently repair any cracks or voids. Following extensive water leak tests carried out by the WRc and approved by the Water Companies and Local Authorities, the performance of the silicate resin successfully achieved the WRc Standard. Independent research has also been performed on the resin which has led to the Pipe Doctor achieving a projected life span of 50 years. If a larger repair is required then we can employ inversion liners that we can run the whole length of the defective pipe. If there are lateral connections that the liner will cover then these can be cut out precisely with a lateral cutter once the liner has cured meaning no loss of function for adjacent systems. Again, this system has been thoroughly tested and approved by the WRc and carries the same 50yr life span expectation as our patch liner system.