We use the latest technology to give you a complete drawing showing you the size, location and depth of services with a drawing that’s easy to understand.

The new British Standard was introduced to the Utility Mapping Market, PAS 128.

PAS 128 compliant utility survey is a cost effective risk management tool for mitigating both Health & Safety and financial risks.

  • Demonstrate compliance with all Health and Safety regulations and ensure best practice for your company and employees
  • Avoid heavily congested areas for new utility routes
  • Unnecessary excavation kept to a minimum
  • Highly accurate data provided
  • Locate utilities on what appears to be disused ground
  • Detect and map underground utilities before you start on site, minimising risk of injury to workers and neighbours
  • Improve project planning, reduce project downtime and avoid costly rescheduling
  • Detect underground fuel tanks, data cables and fibre optics
  • Identify safe areas for boreholes, locations, window samples and trial pits
  • Embark on your construction project with confidence